folk-rock band Loscoe State Opera at the Fishpond, Matlock Bath roots-rock band Loscoe State Opera, the Fishpond, 2009 folk-rock band Loscoe State Opera playing live rock’n’roots band Loscoe State Opera live at the Fishpond, Matlock Bath heavy wood band Loscoe State Opera live at the Fishpond, 2009

Loscoe State Opera

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(Photos: Meri Everitt)

You’ll probably know the sad news by now that Ben died recently (see the obituary in Variety which mentions his C64 work - see this video where he discusses composing and this wonderful performance of his music from The Last Ninja), and although after 23 years we’d already discussed winding down, we decided that Loscoe State Opera just wouldn’t be the same without him. We did one final benefit gig for the charity for young musicians he was involved with, and now…

After 2019… that’s all, folks! Thanks for your 23 years of support!

2009-2016 selective Gig archive (see what you missed or reminisce)

Exile Music Festival, Sabine Hay, off Oldfield Lane, near Darley Dale, Derbyshire DE4 2LN (Exile festival directions): Friday 22 June 2018.
Yes, we’re headlining on Friday night at this beautiful little festival on Saturday in a beautiful picturesque setting - it’ll be amazing! See the full 3-day lineup here.
Stainsby Festival, Brunts Farm, Stainsby S44 5RN (Stainsby festival directions): Saturday 21 July 2018
Saturday night, so plenty of time to get there and get settled before we go on around 10pm. If you’ve never been before, this is a fantastic and well-run event (off the main festival circuit with lovely people :-) and not to be missed. You can camp or stay nearby!
Melton Mowbray Faery Ball, Market Tavern, Scalford Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE13 1JY: Saturday 11 November 2017
A rather special and very spectacular fancy-dress ball with stilt walkers, fairies, witches, goblins, steampunk, unicorns… errr… Star Wars (you name it, there’s a costume for it) and other acts, with the rather energetic Shamus O’Blivion ending the night!
Furthest from the Sea festival, Derby Market Place DE1 3AE, 18th June, 3.30pm (our set)
Part of the annual Silk Mill Parade, this will be well worth it as more bands are playing throughout the day.
Exile Music Festival, Sabine Hay, off Oldfield Lane, near Darley Dale, Derbyshire DE4 2LN., Saturday 25th June.
A fantastic little festival in a beautiful picturesque setting. We’re headlining on the Saturday - it’ll be amazing!
Stainsby Festival, Brunts Farm Stainsby S44 5RN (directions): Friday 18 July
We’re headlining again on Friday night, so plenty of time to get there and get settled before we go on around 10pm. If you’ve never been before, this is a fantastic and well-run event (off the main festival circuit with lovely people :-) and not to be missed.
The “Belper Exile” festival Sabine Hay, off Oldfield Lane, near Darley Dale, Derbyshire DE4 2LN: Late evening, Saturday 6th July 2013.
The festival website says: “The State of Loscoe is about operatic survival with a classic loyal fan base. Ben will pipe you into the musical mystery tour of their enchanting, must dancy set to want more and more.”.
Off The Tracks (late bar, so starting after 10.30), Donington Park Farmhouse, Melbourne Road, Isley Walton, Castle Donington, Derbyshire DE74 2RN (Nr JCT. 24 M1): Friday 30 August
This festival is a little gem, with Dreadzone and Ozric Tentacles playing this year. “one of the most precious, intimate, creative, and friendly festivals … populated by one of the most diverse and musically knowledgeable crowds around – …a blisteringly good weekend long house party… become your own little piece of a truly magical jigsaw.” –
The Fishpond, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire DE4 3NR : Fri 9 December, 2011
The Winding Wheel, 3 Holywell Street, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S41 7SA : Fri 25 November, 2011
A fantastic and varied night with Attila the Stockbroker, Blair Dunlop, and Fred Baker. A benefit gig for the unemployed - more details here.
Stainsby Festival, Brunt’s Farm, Stainsby, Chesterfield: Saturday 23rd July, headlining.
That was a brilliant gig with loads of great feedback and plenty of new fans. We have live audio and footage. Just got to prepare it all...
EcoFest, Badger Farm, Asterby, Louth, Lincolnshire LN11 9UF : Sat 18 June.
Lovely setting, great organisation and stage - thanks to everyone!
The “Belper Exile” fesitval Sabine Hay, off Oldfield Lane, near Darley Dale, Derbyshire DE4 2LN: Sun 3 July.
The relocated Belper festival is now somewhere much nicer! The festival website says: "the awesomely famous local heroes who are Loscoe State Opera (LSO) are returning to the festival... LSO will be supplying punch, power and panache for a fantastic closing set on the exciting new Sabine Hay site." Yeah, we did all that, as Mike Cattell wrote in the Morning Star...
The Barely Mow, Bonsall, Derbyshire DE4 2AY (Tel 01629 825685): 29 April.
A nice little gig (if a bit chilly later on!) in a lovely music-dedicated pub in a beautiful setting. Do visit the pub if you haven’t already been there...
The Waterfall, Derby DE1 2RU: Saturday 22 January 2011
A fundraiser for The Peoples Charter (see the poster!). A great night, for everyone who stayed to the end!
Pete Finch’s Birthday, Bottesford with Left Hand Drive!: Saturday 29 January 2011
’twas a birthday to remember for a good friend and Loscoe fan.
We celebrated Andy’s birthday and raised a pretty penny for Amnesty International at the historic Wirksworth Town Hall, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 4EU: Saturday 13 November
With the very excellent Left Hand Drive and an audience of around 200! Andy actually redesigned that famous logo, but don’t tell anyone because they think he’s after the glory, but he isn’t :-)
Whitworth Easter Folk Festival, The Whitworth Centre, Darley Dale: Sat 03 April, 7pm.
See the great videos of the gig on YouTube - the ones marked ‘Whitworth’ (by kind permission from Pete Simmonds)! See the poster.
The Red Lion, Market Place, Wirskworth, Derbyshire DE4 4ET: Sat 19 December
Snow falling heavily, so a short free set - thanks for the donations, and for turning up in the winter weather!
The Fishpond, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire DE4 3NR : Sat 10 October
The Fishpond is reborn (with great staff, sound system and lighting)! The new songs and forthcoming 3rd album material went down well.
Derby Beer festival 2009, Assembly Rooms: 11 July 2009
Manor Folk Moot Donongton-Le-Heath Manor House, Leicestershire: 13 June 2009
Off the Tracks, 2008
Belper festival 2008, Derbyshire
Seemed to go down rather well, didn’t it?. There was a video but it’s been removed :-(
Sheffield Folk Festival 2007
If you were there, you can see the videos…
Stainsby festival 2007(?), Derbyshire
Lots of you asked where we were this year - we’ll be there soon! Last time: brilliant crowd, very muddy. “werewolf2” wrote a nice review of us at Stainsby a couple of years ago.

Loscoe news snippets

see Loscoe’s first websites

Purely for nostalgia - see our first ever web page from around 1999, or the 2001 website! Yep, the secret of survival is to ummm… survive…

Loscoe on Aural Innovations poscast

We were featured on Aural Innovations Sonic World Festival 2009 Special, which you can download for free.

Loscoe is TEN!

Yeah. We thought about it for a bit at a practice, and realised that we’ve been around for 10 years. Three of us have been on the journey from the start, two of us involved in one way or another since then, and two of us for the last couple of years or so.

Loscoe on MySpace!

After a million years of gigging, we’ve set up a Loscoe State Opera Myspace profile at last! That didn’t take too long, did it? Seriously, previous MySpace upload limits and email problems got in the way, and now they’re all fixed. Be our friend.

Loscoe State CDs

You can buy our CDs from this website. Go on. You know you want to. Got them all? Buy one as a present for your friends/familiy!

Loscoe State Video

Someone really nice put a whole load of video of us on YouTube, mostly of the Sheffield Folk Festival 2007 (gotta be a fan to watch - sound is a bit muffled), where all but around 30 of the audience vanished after being asked to pay again to see us (big oops, lessons learned we hope)…

10th anniversary CD

Yep, we’re going to tackle that difficult 3rd album in 2008... or 2009. And we’ve been playing for 10 years (flip. How did that happen?). We’ll keep you informed on the way…

‘Loscoz not dead’

After losing both our domain name (to some idiotic US “business” with no use whatsoever for domain apart from mindless greed), and Kev (bass), and Andy’s eye trouble (and other stuff) we almost lost the will to live… but not the will to continue playing :-) so yes, things have been difficult, and it’s taken a while to get back on our feet… but - despite rumours to the contrary - we’re still here! We’re working on new material, which will get heard at gigs now our new Bass player John is settled in (watch out for the electric cello!).

Kate was on Kerrang! radio

This was ages ago, but who cares? Kate’s other band James Warner Prophecies ( played on Kerrang Radio on 26th April (errrr… two years ago, that is) as part of the Ugly Phil Breakfast Show. As well as three of their own live numbers they also performed their specially composed Kerrang jingle Let Satan Make Your Toast.

buy our CDs online

(And that’s an order) sample tracks have been restored to our music page, and you can purchase CDs online via Paypal. We’re also in the New Day Records catalogue. They distribute all our albums at various festivals and gigs up and down the country.