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small Fishpond 2005 picture
Fishpond 2005
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link to LSO pictures at Priddy Folk Fayre
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Off the Tracks

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Images from 2000 - present. Yes, we have newer ones. No, we haven't sorted them out yet…

Scanning in pictures is not really what musicians like to do in their spare time. But we'll have more up here soon, including some real stunners of more recent gigs (like, professional) - the spaces show what's coming. But (sigh) we haven't resized them (and all the other stuff you have to do) yet.

There are some more, up to 2013
We know. We should really put them up here and get a proper lightbox thingy and that. But we just haven't, so you'll have to wait. But we can tell you now that the new pics are of a high professional quality and well worth seeing!

The Fishpond, Matlock Bath, 2005
At our 'home' venue in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, before it was taken over twice. The slideshow pics on the home page are also from the Fishpond, but in 2009. If you took these pictures, let us know because we can't remember where they came from!

Stainsby festival, 2003
Headline gig on a slanted stage on Friday night. We got an extended encore - the organisers asked us to carry on playing to keep people from leaving the tent and blocking the path of an ambulance someone needed (not because of us) Thanks to that person, and we hope you're okay now.

Priddy Folk Fayre, 2002
The organisers at Priddy asked us back after our 2001 appearance and gave us the Saturday night slot. Someone took photos which are on the Priddy Folk Fayre website. We grabbed them, tidied them up a little (artistic licence…), and here they are.

Off the Tracks festival, Donington 2002
Ian Nichols took some stunning shots of Loscoe in action at this great festival in the Midlands. Finally, we've put them up for you to see. They're a cut above. The colours! The composition! The loveliness! Behold!!

Poland, 2001
Pictures taken on stage at the Festival of Twin Towns, in Głogow, a town still undergoing reconstruction after damage during WW2 that no younger UK residents could ever imagine. We visited at the invitation of Amber Valley Council, who considered LSO to be a relevant current example of Derbyshire music (good choice!). This was Tony's baptism of fire as our then new drummer. We all crammed into a smallish coach and… we do have more details and pics but… well, you know how it is…

Derby, 2000
Pictures taken by the Derby Evening Telegraph before our Derby Beer Festival weekender at the Assembly Rooms in 2000. Simon - now our manager - stood in on bass (a sterling job, but not quite as sterling as Kev!) at short notice. Tom Parrat (Shamus O'Blivion and the Megadeth Morrismen) was then our drummer but he left to do other things (one of them being to join a Meatloaf covers band!). Now - of course - we have the very excellent Styx.

Please keep coming back to watch the blank spaces gradually fill up… and we have more piccies taken of the lovely us. And other things happen. And we rehearse new songs. And do a tiny number of more gigs. And Ben appears to be speeding (coffee and fags) when actually he's really tired and a bit hyper. And Dave introduces songs by rambling on about Greek myths and stone circles but occasionally just says 'here's another song' instead. And Kate joins James Warner Prophecies. And Anna goes to Italy and comes back… and then lives in a caravan with chickens. And Styx replaces Tony and plays role-playing board games with Dave. And Andy does the album cover and lots of other excellent artwork then (still) confuses one end of a jack plug with the other (this really happened once). And we relax after clawing back that difficult second album from digital hell. And continue to exasperate a series of managers with our oh-well stance and practice-avoidance-techniques and too many vehicles and… omigod it just goes on and on and on and on and never ends and just how do we all cope and that's enough now